Clean Technology

Developing new products for the clean technology market can be challenging for both start-ups and established companies. Entrepreneurs and executives who are bringing new products to market are often challenged by balancing resource constraints with condensed development and manufacturing schedules in a dynamic marketplace.

We deliver a comprehensive set of outsourced services that enables you to accelerate time to market, achieve lower costs, and scale your business without the expense and long-term commitment of hiring full-time employees.

Solutions to Clean Technology Challenges

“We need to outsource product design to meet tight development schedules.”

PRG offers a broad range of clean technology expertise to help you with product design, analysis and rapid prototyping to augment your internal resources and reduce time to market.

“To scale our business, we need help to set-up the supply chain.”

PRG can help by developing and implementing strategies that achieves your product cost, quality and delivery targets, and are scalable to meet production ramps.

“How do we navigate through the prototype, pilot, and production build processes?”

PRG will help provide the expertise and support to bring your product from concept to cash-flow.

“High reliability is essential to our long term success.”

PRG offers a range of reliability analysis and testing services to mitigate product weaknesses that result in longer life and lower warranty costs.

“We need help with compliance and certification testing.”

PRG has technical experts and testing equipment to ensure your product meets industry standards without compromising schedule.

“How do we maximize our market opportunity?”

PRG can help you define your target market, position your product, develop compelling value propositions, and generate effective selling tools that give you a competitive edge.

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