Developing new products in the competitive and time to market sensitive computer/communications equipment market is challenging for large and small companies. Tight schedules, limited resources, complex and changing regulations – all of these factors challenge a traditional model of product development.

Solutions to Communications Challenges

“We need outsourced product design solutions to meet tight development schedules.”

PRG offers a broad range of communications engineering expertise from professionals who understand the hardware/software product development cycle to augment your internal resources. We use an agile product development approach that reduces the overall time to market.

“Our product is in development and we need help with understanding and achieving the required agency compliance certificates.”

PRG has worked with dozens of communications companies to obtain agency compliance (UL, FCC, CE Mark, WEEE, RoHS, REACH) without impacting the product release schedule.

“We need to set up a supply chain that supports our Business Plan objectives.”

PRG can help by implementing an Operations strategy that achieves your product cost, quality and customer delivery targets and is scalable to meet your future production ramp.

“How do we navigate through the proto, pilot production build process?”

PRG will help you generate the required manufacturing documentation and processes to support all phases of the NPI process.

“Reliability, test, and quality systems are critical as we transition our product into production.”

Expertise in test, reliability and quality systems solutions allows you to focus on core IP with long term confidence that your product will perform reliably in the field.

“Manual processes are slowing down our product development and increasing costs.”

PRG provides Business Operations process expertise in selecting the right business systems to implement cost effective and saleable business processes.

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