Consumer Electronics have assimilated into everyday life all over the globe. Demand has risen and market trends in popular culture and advancements in technology have shortened the product life cycle considerably. Retailers have also become more demanding as competition becomes more global. All of these factors lead to a new level of risk and a distinctive set of challenges in developing a consumer product and then managing a global retail supply chain.

Solutions to Consumer Challenges

“We have a killer product, but how do we get it ready to present to Retail outlets?”

By partnering with the PRG, you get one source for assistance with Mechanical Design, Reliability Consultants, Test Design, Supply Chain Design, Contract Manufacturing and “Last Mile” Supply Chain Solutions.

“We don’t understand where to get our product manufactured. We need the experience of someone who has done this before, but can’t afford a full-time resource, at least not just yet. How can the PRG help?”

The PRG has significant ‘on call’ resources. From Virtual VP of Operations to design and reliability consultants, PRG can help supercharge your development cycle and integrate it with real-life operations experience to give you a solution that works! PRG solutions are extremely cost-effective when compared to the cost of hiring full time help and integrating a team from people who have never worked together before. PRG partners have worked together for years and have the personal connections needed to get the job done quickly.

“We showed our product at CES and got top awards. Now we don’t know how to make enough product or how to fulfill it. Help!”

The PRG has consulting and operational resources that can help design your supply chain and select partners who understand the Retail Supply Chain – from packaging requirements, Routing Guides, EDI infrastructure and more. The PRG has the Retail Supply Chain experience you need. In fact, the PRG has likely solved issues that you have not yet encountered!



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