PRG combines senior level consultants who allow your business to navigate the critical New Product Introduction (NPI) phase. We’ll strengthen your NPI systems and processes to help you minimize investment, save time, maximize profit and prolong your product lifecycle.

Supply Chain Strategy and Execution
We’ll help you with global strategic sourcing, contract manufacturer negotiation and selection, supplier relationship management, inventory planning and control, manufacturing process set-up and optimization, packaging design, testing, manufacturing, and distribution services. We also assist with scalable service and support solutions including Returns Management (RMA).

  • Contract Manufacturing Selection (and Contract Negotiation)
  • Global Strategic Sourcing
  • Test Development, Packaging, Manufacturing, and Distribution

NPI Readiness
With increasing global competition, cost, and time-to-market pressures, you face significant execution risks. PRG’s NPI Readiness Services help to mitigate these New Product Introduction (NPI) risks. NPI Readiness Assessments can help you improve ROI, product quality, partner integration and more. Our readiness audit steps include:

  • Product Review (includes Engineering, Design for Excellence, and Operations)
  • Analysis, Interactive Technical Discussion, and Prioritization
  • Recommendations (in Priority Order)

Product Lifecycle Management
Seeing more engineering changes?  Adding multiple new products?  Having challenges managing your supply chain?  We can help you with on-demand resources to select and set-up a PLM system, support data entry and manage engineering changes, and communicate effectively with your supply chains to scale rapidly into volume.

  • Systems selection, implementation and training
  • Business mapping and process improvement
  • On-demand PLM administration

Regulatory and Safety Compliance
Missing schedules to meet regulations such as UL, FDA, and FCC?   Need to comply with product safety and hazardous environment requirements?  Meet global requirements?  Tap into our regulatory experts to chart out your regulatory pathway, comply with global standards and regulations, and mitigate risks.

  • Determine regulatory pathway for your product
  • Identify test labs best suited to support your schedule and budget
  • Oversee and manage labs to meet compliance

Product Reliability and Accelerated Life Testing
Are failures at customers hurting your business?  Do you want to pinpoint where your product is most likely to fail?  Would you like to lower the risk of products not working in the field?  Tap into our regulatory experts to chart out your regulatory pathway, comply with global standards and regulations, and mitigate risks.

  • Establish reliability strategy and set goals for your product
  • Calculate reliability estimates and perform FMEA assessments
  • Identify and oversee labs to support testing and identify risks

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