PRG offers senior level resources to assess, benchmark, and drive continuous improvement.

Product Assessment for Cost Reduction
We’ll conduct an assessment to determine possible savings in product design and materials, manufacturing processes, supply chain and serviceability. Our Integrated Design for Cost (DFC) Analysis offers a structured approach, comparing your product with industry best practices to identify cost reduction opportunities, as well as quality and manufacturability improvements.

  • Product Tear Down (including documents and physical review)
  • Technical Review (with Client and PRG domain experts)
  • Potential Cost Savings (and estimated investment required)

Business Process Optimization
PRG offers holistic support to understand, document, integrate and optimize your business systems and processes. We can help understand how effective your current systems and processes are running, and make recommendations for short term and long term improvements.

  • Review of current systems and business processes (including existing systems mapping)
  • Gap analysis and benchmarking (to best of breed characteristics)
  • Implementation of recommendations (by experienced industry veterans)

New Product Introduction Bootcamp Workshop
You can learn how to improve team-based collaboration, reduce risk, and lower costs. Workshops are led by PRG’s practicing industry experts through interactive lectures, physical examples, student workshops and case studies.

  • Streamline New Product Introduction (leverage team based collaboration)
  • Comply with standards and regulations (learn which apply to your product)
  • Optimize budget, resource, and time constraints (mitigate execution risks)

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