2. How to get from idea to scale

The Concept & Feasibility Phase is the key to understanding if your idea can gain market traction, how much profit your idea can potentially make, and how to position it to stay ahead of the competition.

1. How to get from idea to scale

Mike Freier, a PRG Partner, authored a series of blogs about how hardware products transition from an idea, through development, manufacturing and volume sales to their eventual end of life. Join us on this journey and learn how to avoid the pitfalls and risks that companies encounter on their way to a successful product launch.

Gaining a competitive edge in a down cycle

As we begin 2023 there is still a lot of uncertainty about what this new year will bring to businesses. With multiple layoffs in the tech industry continuing to cause concerns for product development, this blog showed multiple ways to remain competitive – this final part summarizes all the recommendations given previously.

Gaining a competitive edge in a down cycle

In this, the fifth blog in our series written by Mike Freier, he examines how using tools to automate and integrate processes and systems can keep your business competitive by helping your products get to market faster with less failures.