Product Realization Group (PRG) offers companies quick, seamless, cost-effective solutions to develop, commercialize, and bring new products to market.

PRG can help you get your product to full volume manufacturing without having to hire full time resources.  Our team of hands-on expert consultants work alongside with the staff that you have or fill in gaps. We enable your company to minimize risk, gain best practices knowledge, move faster, and get your product to market while the window is still open.


New Product Assessment

  • Expert assessment and roadmap. PRG’s customized action plan enables you to see the complete picture of what you need to complete development of your product, move to full market volume production, and successfully commercialize your product.

Program Management

  • PRG’s hands-on experts optimize the engineering development of your product. PRG offers technical program management and an on-demand “Tiger Team” in the areas you need. Services include execution/implementation of any New Product Assessment action items.

Business Systems

  • PRG will evaluate, select, implement, set up and customize key business systems such as PLM. These systems are needed to support and manage companies that are scaling up their business.


  • Our services to help you meet regulatory requirements, obtain certifications, and manage test lab requirements. We also can help you design your product to get through certification more quickly.
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  • PRG’s experts help you assess and implement actions for achieving reliability, testing and verification. We can also help you design reliability into your product from the start to avoid downstream warranty disasters.

Supply Chain & Operations

  • We optimize your supply chain and can help to outsource or move sourcing locations, manage supplier relationships and negotiation, and develop a complete supply chain strategy. Our services leverage a pre-vetted, global network.