Walt Maclay

    Walt Maclay is the President of Voler Systems and Strawberry Tree, Inc. Walt has over 35 years of engineering management and design experience. He has led Voler to develop an outstanding reputation for quality, on-time delivery, and great customer service by working closely with its customers. He has managed over 200 development projects. Walt has run Strawberry Tree / Voler since 1979 when he founded it. A wide range of products and test systems have been developed including: Wearable devices, home health, devices for the aging, Medical devices, Aerospace, Industrial and Consumer. Prior to founding Strawberry Tree / Voler, Walt worked at Interdesign, Fairchild, and Texas Instruments as an electronic design engineer.

    Walt is a senior member of IEEE and has a BSEE from Syracuse University. He has advised numerous startups, helping them with technical and nontechnical issues.

    Geetha Rao