Michael Keer

Founder & Managing Partner

Michael Keer has over 30 years of high technology New Product Introduction experience in development and manufacturing. As founder of the Product Realization Group (PRG), Michael created a solutions based team of consultants that help companies make the leap from concept to full market scale. We are a mission driven company dedicated to helping companies bring products to market that positively impact both people and the planet. Our clients include medical device, consumer electronic, and high-technology start ups, SMBs, and large companies such as Intuitive Surgical, Mentor Graphics, and NTT. Prior to the PRG, Michael served in senior management roles at SofTEQ, Paramit Corporation, SemiPower Systems, and Ericsson, where he supported bringing over 100 new products to market in both OEM and CM environments.

Michael received a B.S. in Industrial Engineering and Masters in Manufacturing Engineering from Northwestern University, and has mentored at Stanford University’s StartX, Berkeley Foundry, and Lemnos Labs. He is currently a mentor at the CleanTech Open and Sustainable Ocean Alliance. He has lectured at Stanford University, Northwestern University, Santa Clara University, SME, IEEE, ASME, and Lawrence Livermore National Labs.

Shirish Joshi

Operations, Supply Chain and Manufacturing

Shirish is a seasoned industry veteran with 35+ years of experience in Supply Chain Management and Manufacturing Operations. He has worked at and with companies that produce a broad range of products and market segments including consumer electronics; medical devices; network infrastructure products; computer systems; and large industrial equipment.

He specializes in working with a diverse array of geographical areas, especially Asia, in supporting product development from conception to high volume production to market. During his career, he has helped to transition many new products from low volume production in USA and then transferring to low-cost geographies for higher volumes and lower costs.

Prior to joining the PRG team, Shirish worked in senior operations management roles for large companies such as Sun Microsystems, Apple Inc.,
Silicon Graphics, Magellan Navigation and Pluribus Networks. He has also worked for several startups in robotics, networking, security products, and wearable safety devices.

Jay Feldis

Product Development and NPI

Jay has over 30 years of experience leading the development of consumer electronics products in Silicon Valley. As a founding member of Logitech’s webcam product group, Jay helped to create and define webcams and video communication as consumer products.

His experience includes key roles building and leading hardware, software, and program management teams through all stages of development from product conception and system design to manufacturing and launch.

Since joining PRG, Jay has helped numerous companies successfully commercialize new products and improve their product development processes. Jay holds a BSEE from Cornell University.

Wayne Miller

New Product Development and Introduction

Wayne Miller is a seasoned executive with decades of experience designing and manufacturing products in the robotics, clean-tech, semiconductor, and consumer industries. He held leadership roles at companies including Bossanova Robotics, Ubiquiti, and Apple Computer. He was responsible for setting up internal and external manufacturing sites and supply chains at Skydio, Solyndra, and Greenvolts. Wayne specializes in designing products for scale, cost reduction, and new product introduction. In addition to holding 35 patents, Miller has also lectured on entrepreneurship at Northeastern University and UC Berkeley.

David Eden

PRG COO, Innovation and Product Management

David has 35+ years of achievement building international cross-functional product-focused teams and accelerating towards a dynamic, energetic workplace culture that rewards innovation, creativity and execution. Working across multiple industry sectors, David has experience in innovation, telecom, video conferencing and semiconductors, all of which are brought to bear in his innovation roles.

He is an expert in delivering hardware and software technology projects in accelerated timeframes, and in innovation program delivery for corporations looking to take advantage of start-up technologies. Has built and led a talented global Rapid Evaluation and Development teams of internal and external developers, innovators, product and marketing professionals.

David has delivered multiple MVPs in short timescales and worked in collaboration with universities, corporations and start-ups in a blended environment to produce the best products, fit for market at maximum profit.

Prior to working with PRG, David, worked within the Tata Group of companies, running Open Innovation activities for Tata Communications and the Tata Group CTO.