Tariff Resistant Supply Chain

Today’s ever-changing and uncertain tariffs can suddenly disrupt your product supply chain. Building out your supply chain is this dynamic economic environment is challenging, and nothing [...]

PRG: 5 tips for Supply Chain & Ops

Top Tips For Supply Chain Demand Planning & Ops by: Jeff Rosen, JSRosen Consulting Supply chain demand planning (S&OPs) consists of integrated business management processes that companies [...]

Medical Devices: From Design to Market

Jessica Ching, Product Realization Group’s Chief Marketing Officer, was featured as a panelist for an event with the Biomedical Engineering Society at Santa Clara University. Andy Switky, [...]

Warranty Trap – A Real Life Example

Mike Keer shares a real-life product reliability story with Fred Schenkelberg, an international authority on reliability engineering. Transcript of the Video Fred Schenkelberg: We named this [...]

Feeling the Fallout from Tariffs?

We are in the midst of escalating trade tensions between China and the USA. In the last few months we have seen even greater uncertainty as to what lies ahead for many small to midsize companies [...]

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