12. How to get from idea to scale

Now, let's continue to our next blog series, which will focus on business systems. Business systems are critical for supporting agile product realization, optimizing your processes, meeting regulatory compliance, and scaling your business. So let's explore business systems strategies, flows, usage throughout the product life cycle, and tips for success.

11. How to get from idea to scale

Now, let's dive into our next blog piece, where we'll uncover the world of mechanical tooling options that will support your product's successful development and scale-up into high-volume production. We'll be exploring 3D printing, soft tooling, and hard tooling, each offering unique advantages and trade-offs. By understanding these differences, you'll be empowered to make better informed [...]

10. How to get from idea to scale

Transitioning from engineering and beta units to high volume production involves finding a contract manufacturer (CM) as well as sub-tier volume suppliers, signing a deal with the CM, and handing off the set of data and instructions to make your product. Read on to learn what to lookout for in each step in the process of scaling your product into volume manufacturing.

9. How to get from idea to scale

Once you have engineering and beta units in hand, validation and verification can begin. In this stage, engineering teams should test your product against the engineering design specification to verify that your product meets the performance, reliability, regulatory, manufacturing test, and safety goals.

8. How to get from idea to scale

Manufacturing is an essential step in a new product launch that requires a thoughtful strategy. In this stage, teams define a manufacturing strategy, create a development schedule, and built units to test.

7. How to get from idea to scale

In the last blog post, we discussed why Design for Excellence (DfX) is important to your business. Building on several important concepts, this blog will focus on the Product Development phase and discuss how incorporating Agile principles can improve and accelerate your hardware product development process.