PRG Services: The Building Blocks of Our Solutions

Forming the foundation of our IMPACT solutions, PRG offers a large range of individual services to meet specific needs, from regulatory requirements to market validation.

While we can provide these services on a discrete basis, in our extensive experience in working closely with customers, we’ve seen that most require customized solutions, usually comprised of one or more services.

Delivering Value Through IMPACT Solutions…

Traditional consulting firms commonly work out all the individual needs upfront, make a quote based on a fixed team of individuals and then charge for any changes to the team or hours required.

Because we realize that the plan often changes after the project is started due to new information or knowledge arising, we’ve created a set of IMPACT solutions which cover the product lifecycle from idea to continuing profit. As part of these solutions, we have bundled services most often requested and required by our customers, enabling you to get the most benefit for your investment.

…And Flexibility to Meet Your Changing Needs

One of the biggest differences of working with PRG is even if we’ve started with an agreement to provide one type of IMPACT Solution we can swap other services and expertise in and out from anywhere in our repertoire to suit your product’s needs at any point in the project. This ensures you always have access to the right expertise at any point in your program without having to renegotiate or add more consultants to your contract, saving you both time and money.

Make the process of bringing your product to market simple and painless with our IMPACT solutions. Contact us today to find out how we can help you.