MedTech product development and commercialization comes with a unique set of hurdles; in particular, stringent regulations and high competition. We help you meet critical compliance goals and speed your product to market with our Med-NPI IMPACT solution.

Key strategies and expertise that you can tap into with Med-NPI IMPACT include: a project plan to meet your unique requirements, product-market fit and risk mitigation, regulatory strategy and implementation, clinical requirements, IP planning and more.


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Our Vetted NPI process for medical devices:

  1. We conduct an in-depth review of your MedTech product and determine what concrete items need to be done
  2. We develop an action plan that helps you meet compliance requirements and take your product to market cost-effectively
  3. We partner with you to implement the plan

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We help you fill any gaps in your team, now and in the future, and can work with you to provide the on-demand resources or scale internally as your business requires.

Our team includes:

  • Medical Program Expert
  • FDA Regulatory Expert
  • Quality (QA/QE) Expert
  • Manufacturing and Supply Chain Expert
  • Medical Specialty Experts
  • Program/Project Management
  • A Dedicated Account Manager