Regardless of where you are in the process of bringing your unique product to market, Product Realization Group can help. We combine our diverse suite of product commercialization solutions with trusted processes and our diverse team of experts and partners, to take your product from idea to full volume manufacturing.

Our Suite of Solutions

Innovation IMPACT

Whether you are a startup or a large company, product innovation is often instrumental to your organization’s growth. While the conceptualization and creation of these products can be exciting, there are also various hurdles your innovation team may encounter along the way. We give you the tools to help you overcome these challenges with our Innovation IMPACT solution.


Successfully take your product to from idea to market with our New Product Introduction (NPI) solution. Our team develops an action plan, complete with activities such as product design review, supply chain recommendations and more, to help you speed your product realization process.


Medical Device product commercialization can be fraught with industry-specific challenges. In response, we have developed a vetted Med NPI IMPACT process, backed by a team ranging from experts in medical specialties to regulatory strategy, to ensure you reach your MedTech product goals.

Supply Chain IMPACT

Supply chain challenges have continued to accelerate in diversity and scale, especially with the onset of the pandemic in 2020. PRG’s Supply Chain IMPACT solution allows you to successfully address these dynamic changes with activities like risk assessment and how you should determine where to manufacture your product.

Transformation IMPACT

Are you looking to extend your product’s lease on life? Whether it’s via resuscitating your design, continuation or sustaining engineering to modernize, or more, we can get you there. Our Transformation IMPACT solution can be tailored to your specific product or portfolio requirements from product management, to the full re-design/re-implementation of hardware, firmware and FPGA elements.

Solution Components

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