Taking your product from concept to volume manufacturing can be a process fraught with challenges. In response, Product Realization Group (PRG) has developed our New Product Introduction (NPI) IMPACT solution, a finely honed and tested process to deliver success across your product’s complete lifecycle.

Our NPI IMPACT solution includes a range of implementable strategies and expertise. Some sample activities include: product-market fit and time-to-market analysis; review of your product’s design; putting concurrent engineering methodology into practice; risk mitigation; manufacturing operations; supply chain recommendations and more.

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Our Tested NPI IMPACT Process:

  1. We do an in-depth product review to determine what activities are needed
  2. We design an action plan specific to your product and a cost-effective strategy to take it from idea to market
  3. We partner with you to implement the plan

Download our brochure for a more detailed look at New Product Introduction (NPI) IMPACT.


We provide the resources you need, as needed, to efficiently bring your product to market. Whether you are looking for temporary expertise in specific areas, as you prepare to staff up, or plan on outsourcing a function in the long-term, we can meet your unique needs.

Our team includes:

  • NPI Program Expert
  • Manufacturing Operations Expert
  • Product Management Expert
  • Supply Chain/Logistics Expert
  • Program/Project Management
  • A Dedicated Account Manager