Our company made a huge bet on getting our first product to market. At risk of missing the market window, we had to make a dramatic shift from Prototype to scalable Manufacturing. We didn’t just need help, we needed to build an organization. PRG delivered a vetted team of A-list players, both consultants and full-time hires, which helped to accelerate our schedule and mitigate risk. I have contacts but it takes time; PRG had a ready-made stable of experts that was able to rapidly deliver what was needed to reach our goal of getting the product out the door. We absolutely would hire Product Realization Group again!

Martin Lynch, COO
Freewire Technologies

The PRG allowed us to focus on core competencies of engineering and product development, and leverage their expertise for manufacturing engineering and process support.

Adam Wright, Principal Test System Architect

We could not have developed Beacon in the time we did and within our limited budget without the help of PRG. Having a team of seasoned experts that worked together previously and trusted each other, enabled by a collaborative development process, and led by an exceptional project manager, was the key to making Beacon a reality.

Micah Bongberg, President & CEO

Mike and the PRG team brought tremendous value to Sandstone’s product development strategy. The PRG Roadmap and exceptional team of experts helped us identify and fill gaps in development, manufacturing, and regulatory timelines to accelerate our path to market.

Greg Sommer, Co-founder & CEO
Sandstone Diagnostics

The PRG’s Product Cost Reduction Assessment helped us to identify cost reduction opportunities of 20%. Outstanding value!

VP of Engineering & Operations
Cutting Edge X-Ray Company

As a first-time hardware entrepreneur, PRG’s help was invaluable in helping me map out the NPI process. I have much more clarity about the entire manufacturing process, from high-level personnel requirements through to specific CM contract details. Mike and team are extremely user-friendly and I will be engaging them for help in the future.

Nicola Boyd, Co-founder & CEO
Consumer Educational Technology Company

The Product Realization Group crystallized my go-to-market strategy. PRG delivered a roadmap for growing my business in-line with my personal goals.

Medrith Nolan, Founder & Owner
Consumer Products Company

The Product Realization Group integrated DFM content with “real world” analysis and delivered essential training for our internal development team, which improved collaboration and supported a critical product transition between facilities.

Senior R&D Mechanical Engineer
Tier 1 MedTech Electronic OEM