The 10 Best Practices for Agile Hardware Product Development

In this In this Lean Culture Silicon Valley webinar hosted by Sean Murphy of SK Murphy, featuring guest speaker Michael Keer, founder and managing partner of the Product Realization Group, dive deep into the 10 best practices for Agile hardware product development.

Michael brings over three decades of experience in high tech electronic markets, sharing invaluable insights into optimizing the hardware product realization process. The webinar elaborates on the unique challenges faced by hardware companies, contrasting them with software-focused approaches. Topics such as the importance of integrating different disciplines, proper sequencing of tasks, recognizing warning signs like schedule slips and budget overruns, and leveraging tribal knowledge are covered comprehensively.

Michael emphasizes proactive investment, simulation tools, understanding market and costs, and the concept of “minimum viable product” to improve market viability and reduce risks. The discussion extends to iterative processes, agile for hardware, leveraging existing technologies while managing supply chain risks, and the significance of system integration in testing. The session concludes with a Q&A, addressing agile methodologies, iteration cycles, validation and testing in real-use cases, and managing the balance between cutting-edge technology and practical supply chain considerations. Michael’s insights culminate in a holistic view of navigating the agile hardware development landscape, underscoring the importance of early and proactive measures to mitigate risks and ensure a smoother path from concept to market.

Check out the whole video here.