PRG accelerates the transformation from great idea to full commercial scale.

Your team

Your team is the pivotal element in the race to get your product to market. Product Realization Group (PRG) supplements the key members of your staff with experts that help you reach each critical phase of development and funding. We offer a compelling source for seasoned, hands-on expertise while you consider permanent hires.


Execution of seamless processes is king.
Our fly-in experts arrive ready to work on your busiest and most difficult phases of product development. Even more, our consultants provide knowledge transfer—an enduring asset. We help your company to establish and amplify your processes and business systems, leaving behind an uber-enhanced infrastructure for rapid success
and future successes.

Windows of opportunity

Windows of opportunity are short and often rare.
Are you looking to ultimately launch a market winning product, build a legendary company, or exit with an impressive acquisition? PRG understands what it takes. We help you achieve product, performance, cost, and timing targets needed to reach your goals.

Turnkey team

Our team of hands-on experts has handled many challenges over their decades of experience. We know how to solve problems and execute turnarounds, because we’ve done them.

  • We work with you to supplement your internal
    team, whether it’s one key technical consultant
    or a team of experts across functions.
  • Permanent hiring may be somewhere in your
    future, but we are here today and now, on
    demand. We’re ready to go when you are.


  • Our reputation in Silicon Valley for doing what’s
    best for our clients stands for itself. We don’t
    make compromises here.
  • We have a strong history of working with
    companies to make them successful, and we’ll
    continue to be here for the long haul.

Transform your product

Building actual, physical products isn’t as easy as it seems. Our experts have worked on 100 new product introduction projects for over 500 companies.

We work with you to accelerate your launch by focusing on high risk areas in product development & commercialization:

  • Regulatory, reliability, quality and compliance
  • Supply chain management and integration
  • Business system/process establishment and optimization
  • Program assessment, planning, and action management


Global focus


We can show you how to benefit from a tariff resistant, integrated global
supply chain Xx Number years/partners worked with