Rapid Product Development

  • Expedited prototyping, testing, and bringing products with unusually high demand to market
  • PRG has expertise in all stages of product development. We specialize in speed of response

Suppliers & Supply Chain

  • Expedite your ramp-up by plugging in our huge network of existing relationships to find partners with a known record of reliability
  • We optimize your supply chain and can help to outsource or move sourcing locations, manage supplier relationships and negotiation, and develop a complete supply chain strategy. Our services leverage a pre-vetted, global network.

New Product Assessment

  • Expert assessment and roadmap. PRG’s customized action plan enables you to see the complete picture of what you need to complete development of your product, move to full market volume production, and successfully commercialize your product.

Business Systems

  • PRG will evaluate, select, implement, set up and customize key business systems such as PLM. These systems are needed to support and manage companies that are scaling up their business.


  • Our services to help you meet regulatory requirements, obtain certifications, and manage test lab requirements. We also can help you design your product to get through certification more quickly.


  • PRG’s experts help you assess and implement actions for achieving reliability, testing and verification. We can also help you design reliability into your product from the start to avoid downstream warranty disasters.


  • PRG helps you gauge interest for your product idea and successfully market it with our market validation and go-to-market services for both the High-tech and MedTech sectors.

Product Management

  • PRG’s experts have years of experience in successfully bringing products to market. We partner with you to help you develop the strategic and tactical skills necessary to make management of your product a success.

New Product Introduction (NPI)

  • New Product Introduction (NPI) consists of people, processes and technology, which together provide a formal methodology for a product’s transition from engineering to manufacturing.
  • Take advantage of our NPI expertise and best practices – ranging from implementing concurrent engineering, to designing for excellence, to optimizing operations and supply chain.

Temporary Experts

  • We have a flexible, scalable and ready group of experts to supplement your team. We Zoom in, assess quickly, create plans, connect resources, and expedite processing and operational needs
  • PRG’s hands-on experts optimize the engineering development of your product. PRG offers technical program management and an on-demand “Tiger Team” in the areas you need. Services include execution/implementation of any New Product

Remote Response

  • Navigate and manage remote support for 2 days, 2 weeks, 2 months or indefinitely
  • We help companies with strategies to rapidly enter new operating environments, and immediately scale up or down


  • We help you assess risks, maintain quality levels, and conduct qualification and oversight while expediting your manufacturing output