Product Home Runs

We love helping our clients create home run products – the high-flying, out-of-the-park hits that make your heart sing! Home runs are the giant strides you dream of for your business. PRG has been helping clients create winning products for over 10 years. Here’s what clients say about how we help create products faster, less expensively, and with less risk.

Med Tech Panel – Doing Good & Doing Well

You can achieve a dual vision: improve the impact on people’s health, and also build liquidity for your company. The road to successful medical device technologies that win on both fronts is possible—with some key considerations.

Video Clips from the CES 2020 Expert Panel

CES 2020 is over, and below are all the most exciting changes to the tech world you need to know about. Our expert speakers share the hardware trends they witnessed at CES 2020 and what it means for the future of our Silicon Valley hardware product development eco-system.

Tariff Resistant Supply Chain

Today’s ever-changing and uncertain tariffs can suddenly disrupt your product supply chain. Building out your supply chain is this dynamic economic environment is challenging, and nothing is “tariff proof.” However, […]

Why is NPI important?

Below is an edited transcript. Jessica Ching, CMO at Product Realization Group: Welcome everybody and thank you for being here. Introducing our panelists: Martin Lynch, COO at FreeWire Technologies Jeff […]

Where does a company start NPI?

Below is an edited transcript: Jessica Ching, CMO at Product Realization Group: Where does a company start? With all the challenges and things to be done at FreeWire, how was […]

Audience Questions – Part I

Audience Question #1: What is your advice for blending an experienced team with an inexperienced team? How do you transition from the present phase to collaboration with the ODM or […]

Audience Questions – Part II

Below is an edited transcript. Audience Question #3: What should we do right now when we actually have a proven new technology, wireless charging technology, but it does not work […]

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