Below you will find materials, videos, and documents from past PRG events. Articles will be posted here from any upcoming events after they take place. Please check out our Events page for details about upcoming events.

Silicon Valley Hardware Symposium

2018 PRG Hardware Symposium – 5 Tips From The Expert Sessions


2017 PRG Hardware Symposium – Introduction Speech

2017 PRG Symposium Panel – The Future of AI Hardware Products

2017 PRG Hardware Symposium – Sponsors & Demos

2016 PRG Symposium Keynote – Sunil Maulik, Ph.D.: Behavioral Product Design

2016 PRG Symposium Panel – The Future of Hardware Products

2015 PRG Symposium Keynote – Lior Susan, Formation 8: Scaling your Hardware Business – VC Perspective

2015 PRG Symposium Panel – Hardware New Product Introduction (NPI) – From Prototype to Production

2014 PRG Symposium Keynote – Alex Blanter, A.T. Kearney: Internet of Things, the Next Wave