At Product Realization Group, we excel in helping established companies meet increasing demands for electronic hardware product development. We ensure continuous improvement for your business – and your bottom line.

We take a multileveled approach to uncover opportunities for maximum profitability depending on your specific needs. Our senior-level consultants and industry veterans are ready to help you see results.

Getting The Most Out Of Your Product Lifecycle

Established companies and brands have a whole different set of challenges compared to startups. Our in-depth Design for Cost Analysis (DFC) includes a complete teardown of both your physical product and your documentation in order to identify any existing cost reduction opportunities. Our professional domain consultants will review the findings of this assessment with you. Some of the areas covered may be:

  • Savings In Product Design & Materials
  • Industry Best Practices & Competition
  • Manufacturing Process Improvements
  • Estimated Required Investments
  • Supply Chain Improvements
  • Enhanced Product Serviceability

Secure Profitability At The Core

You don’t want to go through the growing pains of building a successful product, production line, and distribution outlet only to have it all fall apart from the inside. Not everyone is born knowing the ins and out of running a successful established, profitable, electronic hardware product business. Our business consultants can review the systems and process you have in place and help in the following ways:

  • Identify Key Pitfalls Preventing Increased Profitability
  • Assess Current Systems & Process Effectivity
  • Recommend Long & Short Term Improvements
  • Perform Gap Analysis For Critical Staff Changes
  • Implement Recommendations For Optimization

Optimize Your Business Plans Today

At Product Realization Group, we may be based in Silicon Valley, but we have a reach that spans across the globe. Our boot camps and workshops draw entrepreneurs, venture capitalists, students, VPs, Directors, and business professionals like you. They know that we bring a knowledge base and level of collaboration to the table that you can’t find anywhere else. Take advantage of everything we have to offer. Contact us today for a consultation.