For electronic hardware products in their ramp-up phase, we are here to help your business with successful growth throughout the New Product Introduction (NPI) process.

Whether you are trying to add a new product variation, having trouble meeting global safety requirements, or just need all your suppliers on board before your final ramp-up to mass production, you’re not alone.

We have experienced consultants in place to guide you through these processes efficiently and effectively.

Identify Risks To Minimize Your Investment

Our NPI readiness assessment looks at your hardware product from many angles to spot all the potentials for growth. This product review integrates engineering, operations, and design for excellence. We’ll help you see not only what’s holding your product back, but what could move it forward with the following tools and strategies:

  • NPI Readiness Assessment
  • Adding To Your Product Portfolio
  • Modifying Existing Products
  • Improving Product Quality
  • Adding Value & Improving ROI

Management Strategies That Get You To Market Faster

You want to produce compliant, reliable products that meet any necessary local and global safety standards, on schedule. Once your product passes at the lab, you don’t want it to fail in the customer’s hands. Maybe you’re already there and it’s costing you. Don’t waste another second of your valuable time.

We can help you identify what safety regulations you need to meet locally and abroad. We also have the expertise to help you identify, manage, and oversee laboratories best suited to your unique production schedule and budget. Our experienced consultants can help you pinpoint where your product is most likely to fail and establish reliability strategies for:

  • DVTPVT Development
  • Identifying Applicable Regulations
  • Meeting Regulation Schedules
  • Managing and Overseeing Labs
  • Reliability and Risk Mitigation

Optimize Your Supply Chain & Product Lifecycle

It’s time to get your product out there, or high time to improve how you’re getting your product out there. We can help with your global outsourcing strategies, overall supplier relationships and management, as well as manufacturer process optimization and negotiations.

From packaging to distribution, inventory control to returns, you don’t have to troubleshoot or guess and wade through the complicated world of business growth on your own. Let us help you with the following services and so much more:

  • On-Demand Product Lifecycle Management
  • Meeting Production Deadlines
  • Outsourcing Decisions
  • Workflow Maximization
  • Scalability Assessments

Strengthen Your Processes & Maximize Your Profits Today

Product Realization Group is a Silicon Valley team comprised of knowledgeable consultants and senior-level executives. With close collaboration, we are ready to help your hardware product succeed. Why put your business through the costly paces of trial and error when you don’t have to?

Contact us today to speak to a consultant ready to put your hardware product business on the path to successful growth.