We execute lean, accelerated, and successful hardware product development plans for entrepreneurs and startup companies. Don’t waste valuable time playing guessing games with your money or missing the mark. Based in Silicon Valley, PRG is located in the “center of the universe” when it comes to new technology startups. We invite you to take advantage of our full suite of services and in-house expertise to bring your hardware product from concept to market.

Help Them See Your Vision

We can’t wait to help you make your new hardware innovation into reality. Your ambition may be something revolutionary, monumental… or it may solve a simple, but critical problem for millions of people. We love being a part of these amazing devices and working with the clever minds behind them. Sometimes, however, in all of the excitement and planning of a new hardware product, what seems very obvious to you may need some refining and defining before actual production begins.

Avoiding Common Issues For Startups

Have you performed adequate market research and prototype testing? Do you know if your product will suffer under any compliance or regulation issues? How do you afford the executive level operations management staff you really need? Maybe you need help with a Marketing Requirements Document (MRD) or a Product Requirements Document (PRD)? Our product development specialists are here to help you tackle your product ideation, market research, and engineering strategy needs.

Your Roadmap To Success

It all starts with your Product Commercialization roadmap. You can think of this roadmap as your roadmap to hardware product development success. Guided by a senior level consultant who has made over 100 product introductions, this visible plan of action brings the following key elements together for you to consider:

  • Development Budget Estimate
  • Project Schedule
  • Critical Resources
  • Supply Chain Strategy
  • Strategic Connections

Know Your Feasibility

With Product Realization Group on board, you’re leveraging a team of experts. We help you think of things you might not think of when you’re trying to do everything by yourself or in-house. We help you dig deep into product feasibility in the following areas:

  • Market Feasibility
  • Technical Feasibility
  • Regulatory Feasibility
  • Supply Chain Feasibility

This feasibility assessment helps you identify potential risks early on in product development and save money in the long run. You want to know if it’s going to be hard to meet certain regulations or get enough of a particularly critical part affordably before the production phase, and so do your investors.

Avoid Prototype, EVT & Compliance Pitfalls

Once you’re ready to start prototyping and you get into Engineering Validation Testing (EVT) for your hardware, your expertise, or lack of it will begin to show and cost you. Fill in those weak spots in your knowledge base, increase your attractiveness to investors, and accelerate your workflow with our established team of hardware engineers, product realization consultants, and manufacturing engineers, to name a few. We are ready to help you with these proven strategies:

  • Product Prototyping
  • Agile Product Development
  • Regulatory Compliance

Collaborate Today To Maximize Your Investment

When it comes to electronic hardware product development for startups – experience matters. Faster product realization means getting you to market faster and higher profits for everyone. To make that happen, you need people on your team filling in the knowledge gaps, identifying pitfalls, and reducing risks early on. At Product Realization Group, we’re here to help. Contact us today for a product development consultation with one of our experts.