At Product Realization Group, we can help you meet the unique demands of communications hardware product development. When it comes to communications equipment, the quicker you can get your item in the customer’s hands the better. Schedules are tight, resources are limited, and regulations are ever complex and in flux. We know because we’ve been there time and time again. Just some of the types of communications devices we’ve helped bring to market include:

  • Networking Systems
  • Telecom Systems
  • Storage Devices
  • V2V Technology
  • RFID Technologies
  • Monitoring Devices
  • Mapping Devices
  • Wireless Technologies

Supporting All Phases Of Your New Product Development

Whether you’re in the early stages of feasibility research or ready to ramp up production, we have a network of consultancy services and connections to help you minimize your investment and time to market and maximize your profits. Startups, growth, and established communications market producers have come to us for the following services and more:

  • Communications Engineering Expertise
  • Hardware & Software Production Consulting
  • Agile Hardware Development For Reduced Time To Market
  • Develop and Optimize EVT, DVT, and PVT Tests
  • Technical Program Management to Keep Your Project on Track
  • Supply Chain Selection, Set Up and Management

Helping You Produce Reliable, Quality, Compliant Products

Reliability, compliance, and quality are critical areas for communications hardware development. Our industry regulatory professionals can help you easily identify the regulatory pathways necessary for your product. We can also help you develop production optimization strategies that will grow with your business. Here are some of the services we can help you with:

  • Obtaining Relevant Regulatory Agency Compliance
    • UL, FCC, CE, Mark, WEEE, RoHS, & REACH
  • Implementing Scalable Business Systems Strategies 
  • Meeting Production Costs, Quality, and Schedule
  • Achieving Customer Delivery Targets

Where Creative Collaboration Meets Practical Profitability

So, you’ve got a communications hardware product that you want out there, and we’ve got the experience and the network to help you make that happen. You don’t have to be an engineer to know that this sounds like the making of a great team. We may be based in Silicon Valley, but at Product Realization Group, we help innovators everywhere overcome design challenges and tackle hurdles in communications hardware production. Contact us today to see how we can help you.