Bring your consumer electronics hardware product to market faster and save money with the consultancy services of the Product Realization Group. Maybe you have something spectacular to add to the vast web we call the Internet of Things? Unfortunately, there are quite a few steps between ideation, mass production, and ultimately – profitability. Odds are, we’ve probably solved problems that are still far off on the horizon for you. Just some of the types of consumer hardware products we’ve successfully helped to bring to market include:

  • Wearable Tech
  • Home Robotics
  • VR Displays
  • Peripheral Appliances
  • Home Electronic Accessories
  • Wifi Connected Devices
  • Smart Devices

Challenges Of The Modern Consumer Marketplace

The modern consumer marketplace is a vast playing field where regulations and competition can seem endless. These conditions affect everything from supply chains to market strategies and production operations over time. Just some of the challenges you may be facing include:

  • Rising Consumer Demand
  • Shorter Product Life Cycles
  • More Demanding Retailers
  • Rising Global Competition
  • Product Development Risks
  • Global Supply Chains

Meet Demand While There Is Demand

Fortunately, at Product Realization Group, we have a vast suite of services and industry veterans who know how to operate in this age of consumer hardware production. Our team of product realization, supply chain, manufacturing, marketing, and business operations consultants know how to work together to get you to market faster. Meet customer and retailer demand and achieve production goals with our help. 

  • Industrial Design
  • Mechanical Design for Volume Production
  • Product Reliability Consultants
  • Agile Product Development to Save Time To Market
  • Technical Program Management
  • Retail Channel Development
  • Contract Manufacturing
  • Global Supply Chain Management
  • Logistics and Returns Management

Turn Your Ambitions Into Streamlined Solutions Today

Based in Silicon Valley, PRG consultants take great pride in helping businesses like you with consumer hardware product development. From the startup reeling with excitement after their first successful crowdfunding campaign, to the first CES launch, to the industry leader looking for ways to optimize product life cycles, we can help. Contact us today. We’re excited to show you all the ways that we can help your business thrive.