In part one of our series The Road to CES 2018 with Cocoon Cam – a (Really) Smart Baby Monitor, we introduced Sivakumar Nattamai, a former Tesla firmware engineer and current CEO of Cocoon Cam, what led him to develop Cocoon Cam, the company’s past experiences at CES, and the anticipated launch of their updated product line at CES 2018.

Micah Bongberg from the Product Realization Group caught up with Siva and co-founder Pavan Kumar on the conference floor at CES 2018 and taped a short interview with them that we’ve included here.

If nothing else, Micah’s interview with Siva and Pavan captures the excitement and buzz generated by the launch the Cocoon Cam Clarity, their next generation product. Cocoon Cam has been to CES for three consecutive years. In 2016 the founders used CES to talk to vendors and explore available camera technology, leading up to their initial product launch of Cocoon Cam 1.0 at CES 2017.

Siva and Pavan had three goals for CES 2018:

  1. To successfully rebrand and build media contacts;
  2. To develop industry partnerships for collaborations and product integrations; and
  3. To meet with potential investors and buyers.

The long hours preparing for CES paid off well for Cocoon Cam. The well-designed booth was always crowded, drawing many tours sponsored by magazines like CNET and Engadget, who take visitors to only what they consider the best of the best on the showroom floor. The Cocoon Cam Clarity received a lot of mention in the CES press, identifying it not only as a innovative baby product but also among the best tech products at the show. It received an Editors’ Choice Award from USA Today.

When Micah spoke with Siva and Pavan, they were very excited about their experience at CES 2018. They felt that they were successfully communicating their rebranded product. They had numerous meetings throughout the show, with investors and buyers, as well as large retailers who want Cocoon Cam in their stores. The Cocoon Cam Clarity is expected to be available later in 2018. You can sign up on their website to be notified when pre-orders can be made.

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